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Workshops are a great way to explore the various classes and styles spinArella has to offer! If you are visiting from out of town, cannot make it into the studio as much as you would like, or spinArella is your studio home we can promise you will enjoy the unique workshops we have to offer! No experience is needed unless stated in the description. *Please note all workshops are Non-Refundable/ Studio Credit Only. 

Please take a minute to browse our fun selection of Workshops below! We are sure you will find one that will tickle your fancy! However, please continue to check back as not all workshops are listed, some are seasonal and we are always offering new & fresh ones to keep you on your toes! 

Silent Jiggle

COSTS:$45 The home of the "Original Jiggle" has found a new way to give your favorite class a funky twist! 

We are eliminating the speaker system, adding headphones, and giving you a choice in the playlist you 

want to dance to, as we shake our asses in SILENCE

Our Silent Jiggle specialty class includes: 90-minute Jiggle Class, Jello-Shots, Headphones, and $5 OFF your

next Jiggle Drop-In Class! 

Next Available Workshop: See Current Class Calendar


Mother's Day Stretching Workshop

COSTS:$40 Includes you & your guest **all ages welcome**

This Mother's Day give the gift of health and wellness! Join spinArella Pole Dance Fitness as we offer our first Mother's Day Stretching Workshop! 
In this workshop, we will focus on the deliberate lengthening of the muscles in order to increase muscle flexibility and joint range of motion. You will also leave with a simple but effective stretch routine you can take home with you that will help warm the body up prior to daily activity thus decreasing the risk of injury, and muscle soreness. 
Make it a fun FriDate, bring your Mom, or bring your child...this workshop is for ALL AGES! 

What to bring: Yoga Mat or thick towel for you & your guest, knee pads

are encouraged, however not mandatory 

Next Available Workshop: See Current Class Calendar




"When We..." Valentine's Chair Dance Workshop

COSTS:$35 Valentine's Day is a day of giving & love! 

Whether you are loving, and giving to someone special, or you are loving and giving to yourself, this workshop is perfect for you!  This year we are not playing fair! spinArella's erotic Valentine's Day Chair Dance Workshop choreography will make WHOEVER is watching LOSE IT! 

Whether you are learning this to use for Valentine's Day or adding it to your bag of tricks....we guarantee this is a workshop you will NOT want to miss! 

Next Available Workshop: See Current Class Calendar 


Tasty Tease Workshop 

SPECIAL: 2ppl for $30This 90 minute workshop will appeal to all of your sensual taste buds! 

Get ready because this experience will transform you from the inside out! 

Your Sensual spinArella Passport will take you on an exotic journey to explore:

  • Pole Dancing

  • Floor Work (FloEroticy)

  • Chair Dancing (Lap Vegas)

  • Twerking (JIGGLE) 

We would not want you to experience this fun excursion alone, so you can bring a friend for FREE!

Next Available Workshop: See Current Class Calendar 




Private Show Workshop 

COSTS: $35 What better surprise could you give your sweetheart than the gift of being left BREATHLESS! 

Let our Certified spinArella Instructors guide you through a steamy, erotic striptease, and you definitely do not want to miss the arousing "ice cube trick" that guarantees to have your partner begging for more! We will be sharing the REAL secrets of what your partner likes, and what they don't, in addition to consulting what to wear for your special date!

Next Available Workshop: See Current Class Calendar




F**K ME! Lap Dance Workshop - "Come Play With Me"! Workshop

COSTS:$35 spinArella's most provocative, and intoxicating lap dance routine yet!

Tired of boring Chocolates and Candy for Valentine's Day? 
Soothe their sweet tooth with a taste of YOU instead!

It's time to appeal to ALL of your significant others senses and learn how to with this provocative 90 minute Lap Dance Workshop! We can guarantee they have never seen some of the tricks in this lap dance routine you will learn! Bring your: overcoat, heels, sexy lingerie (remember no nudity), man's dress tie and be prepared to give your significant other a mind-blowing performance!

Next Available Workshop: See Current Class Calendar




Standing Ovation Workshop 

COSTS:$35 Your partner will NOT be ready when you pin them against the wall and "twerk" your way to their freaky side! This (standing) Lap Dance Workshop is one of a kind! spinArella ONLY brings you the most sensual, sexiest, creative lap dances, and this (standing) Lap Dance is definitely one of a kind! 

 Although it's named "Standing Ovation" you will not leave your partner on their feet for long with the Grande Finale move in this lap dance! Let's just say you will "BLOW" their mind away! 

Next Available Workshop: See Current Class Calendar 




Booty Basics Workshop 

COSTS:$35 So... you have watched and are still wondering...
how does she make her booty move like that? No need to keep wondering WTH?
Allow our spinArella Pole l Dance l Fitness "tush technician" to show you the way! Join us as we kick off this 90-minute workshop with "liquid courage" (if you choose) get to know one another, and then it's off to the races...oops we mean jiggling! 

Next Available Workshop: See Current Class Calendar




Head of the Class - "Mouthful of Pleasure Workshop

COSTS:$40 Come join Ms. "RiseAndSwallow" Kiki Love as she teaches the technique of how to properly orally please your significant other! Get ready to paralyze your partner with some new techniques!
Use these kinky techniques now or put it on the resume for later! Blow their mind with a little oral stimulation! 

Next Available Workshop: See Current Class Calendar




Duo Lascivious Lap Dance Lap Dance Workshop 

COSTS:$40 Surprise your significant other by bringing them in as you learn and perform this special, racy routine choreographed for just the two of you! Have you ever thought how fun it would be to share your experience with your significant other under the ambient lighting, professional sound system, and fun atmosphere?  Make this year a "motion picture" and leave your significant other LOVESICK! You don't need exotic ARE the aphrodisiac! 

Next Available Workshop: See Current Class Calendar 




Seasonal Workshops!

Don't forget to check back periodically to see what seasonal workshops we are offering such as our "Jiggle Bells", "Mistletoe Striptease" and more! Stay up to date by signing up for our Newsletter! 



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