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Why   spinArella 

Here at  spinArella   we believe Pole Studios are like shoes. You always have your favorite pair (your "Pole Home"), and a few other pairs you like to wear with certain outfits (other Pole Studios you visit). We always encourage our ladies to visit other studios because it exposes you to different styles and makes you a well-rounded dancer and performer! However, we would love for you to make spinArella  your Pole Home. At spinArella  we are a family! You definitely feel the love, encouragement, and positivity from the moment you walk in the door. We invite you to check out the video below to see what some of our spinArella  sisters have to say!


"As 2010 winds to a close, it's time to look back at what inspired, motivated, uplifted and changed me so that I can continue that in 2011. One person that has always done these things since I had to joy to meet her on my first day of class (hers as a teacher), was Ro Staples 3 years ago. Though we met a few years ago, every year her impact on my life has grown. Her dedication to her students - sometimes making us work so hard we curse her - and her dedication to the joy of dance - her performances may bring you to tears - is nothing short of impressive. Ro takes the time to work with you as a student. She can see what you do best and help you see it as well. Her talent, joy of dance, passion to transform her student bodies, minds, and spirits is amazing. I look forward to being re-transformed in 2011. Ro will get me there and she will be with me through the journey!" 

– M.L.

"Since starting my first pole dance experience in April 2010, I was instantly hooked to the idea of finding that inner "diva" that could do anything. Ro has helped me to completely embrace everything about the woman I am today while striving to improve each and every day. From her dance classes to her pole classes, to the Bootcamp sessions, Ro takes everything to the next level and helps me get there. My body, walk, and confidence will never be the same..and I am so glad!" 

– Steph

"When I first began taking pole class I took it because I thought it would be fun and a new exciting way to exercise; I found it to be all that and more.  I have been enrolled in several different pole classes but Bootcamp is by far my favorite.  I have had the pleasure of working with Ro since day one and she is nothing but energy many Saturday mornings I wondered how and why does this girl has so much energy but her energy was what kept me motivated.  Aside from wanting to exercise in a new way I wanted to also tone my body, I don’t think I’m out of shape but I always feel I could be in a little more.  My first day at Bootcamp let me know all that I was doing wrong my legs were in pain and so were my arms but I looked good exercising and completed every task I was given! You never really look good exercising at the gym, you may feel good but to exercise in boy shorts, a tank top, and stilettos really do make all the difference in the world because you look and feel good.  Ro keeps you involved and is constantly giving her support and being the cheerleader you didn’t even know you needed.  She also is just fun she comes up with crazy exercises that are so much fun you almost forget what you came to do in class.  Pole itself I think is sometimes underestimated because when I went in I had no idea how fit people who are pole dancers actually are but with the right type of instruction you can surely work up to and be just like those pole dancers.  It has truly been a pleasure taking pole instruction from Ro it has helped me tone my body, feel great, and overall sexy.  If stilettos aren’t encouraged for exercise I’m no longer interested; it is truly my favorite type of exercise for so many reasons and there are so many women who are striving to do all that you want and are constantly supporting one another.  It’s all-around a great way to attain goals have fun and meet wonderful supportive people in the process."

– Aisha

"I just wanted to let you know how wonderful SpinArella is.  You probably don't know but I hate to exercise.  I have always been naturally thin and just never took exercise seriously.  In the past year or so I have been working out to ensure that I keep a slim figure before the metabolism decides to shut down.  Anyhoo the point of my email is to tell you how much I enjoy the workout you give.

As soon as I walked into your studio I felt your positivity.  The stretches you do took me back to my days of dance.  I loved my dance classes and I miss them.  Thanks for giving that back to me!  Your stretches are great and so dance appropriately.  It doesn't make me feel like I am about to work out.  It makes me feel like the fun is about to occur.  Once the workout began I knew you were going to bring it.  The moves were sexy and fun.  I knew which body parts you were working out and felt it.  You pushed and pushed and I didn't complain b/c it was fun and I knew I would see results.

Not only did I get a great workout but I got something that I could take home and use on the boo as well as use it to work out.  The workout would be fun and sexy.  I wouldn't even notice that it was an actual workout.  Afterward, I felt the burn and it felt great.

Thank you so much for loving what you do and sharing it with others!  The love you have for your craft makes it better for the people who are working out.  Not only are you good at what you do but you make it fun with the love you have for it.  That is the difference between you and others--you love it!  That love radiates and is passed on to others."

Your GA Peach :-)

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