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spinArella sexy floorwork


spinArella  offers Drop-In Classes, Pole Series, Dance Series, Workshops Private Parties, and more! 


A common question we hear is "what is the difference between Drop-In Classes & Pole Series Classes?"


The difference is "Drop-In Classes" are 55 minutes long.  They are an awesome alternative "every day" workout and are geared towards all levels.


Our 8 week Pole Series meets 8 weeks at once a week for 90 minutes and includes:

  • Unlimited Pole Play (Open Pole for practice while you are an active Pole Series student)

  • 1 Complimentary Drop-In Class per week (during your 8-week series)

  • Discounted Drop-In Classes

  • Student Recital


If you are interested in building your pole skills (climbing, inverting, advanced pole tricks, etc.) then the pole series is for YOU!


Our 8 Week Pole Series is 10 levels, each level is harder and more intricate than the one before! 

**Due to Covid-19 Drop-In Classes & 8-Week Pole Series will be held virtually until further notice, 4-Week Private Pole Series will be held In-Person. Please see our virtual class page for Virtual Drop-In Classes and our pole series page for detailed information about our 4-Week Private Pole Series.  


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