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8 Week Pole Series

spinArella Pole Dance Series

**Due to Covid-19 8-Week Pole Series will only be held virtually (you must have a pole at home). We are also offering In-Person 4-Week Private Pole Series. Click Here for Virtual & Person Pole Series info! If you would like more information please text 470-210-1691 and we will get back to you ASAP! 

Each 8-Week Pole Series Includes:

  • One 90-minute pole class per week (same day, same time -- excluding holidays -- with the same classmates)

  • Unlimited Pole Play (Open Pole) for extra practice (check our class calendar to see Pole Play times)

  • 1 Complimentary Drop-In Classes per week (During your 8-week pole series),

  • Discounts on additional Drop-In Classes

  • At-Home Stretch, and Strengthening routines

  • Student Recital. 

Our curriculum offers 10 Levels of Pole! From Level 1 thru Level 10, each level is designed to ensure you are prepared for the next! Each 90-minute class focuses on stretching, floorwork, pole tricks & transitions, strengthening & conditioning, and learning a routine that you will feel confident performing your 8th week of class. 


Each week you will continue to build strength, confidence, and a love for the pole and exotic/sensual dance! 

POLE SERIES ONLY $215 / $185 (Early Bird)

Taught in our intimate setting, you will have the same Certified spinArella Instructor (unless otherwise noted), and "Pole Sisters"  throughout your pole series journey! Your 8 Week Pole Series includes:

  • One 90-Minute Pole Series a week

  • Unlimited Pole Play (Open Pole)

  • 2 Complimentary Drop-In Classes (During your 8-week pole series), discounts on additional Drop-In Classes

  • At-Home Stretch & Strengthening Routines. 

Only $100 deposit to hold your spot, and balance due upon arrival on the first day of class. Early Bird due in full. 


CINDERELLA  2 Month Membership - $169/Month


TIANA 6 Month Membership - $149/Month 


AURORA 12 Month Membership - $125/Month 


All memberships include weekly 90-minute level class, unlimited pole play (open pole), unlimited drop-in classes, and friends and family passes to be used during the duration of the membership agreement. Tiana & Aurora Memberships include complimentary workshops and private lessons, discounts on parties and more!   


TEMPTRESS LEVEL 1 POLE - $215 /$185 (Early Bird)

Starting from the ground up, by moving with your new dance partner, "the pole," you will learn 20 beginners, pole, dance and floor moves, including climbing the pole. You will also learn how to incorporate these moves, which tighten and tone your body, into your first choreographed routine.

Upcoming Series


APHRODITE LEVEL 2 POLE - $215/$185 (Early Bird)

As you continue to work on your climb, it's time to work on another exciting move... your INVERT! Ensure you feel comfortable, and roll up the pole (no kick starts ladies)! It's time to take your vertical moves...horizontal! Get comfortable with your body as your work on  your invert and learn an additional 10 pole dance, and floor moves. By the end of this level you will move majestically through your choreographed routine!

Upcoming Series



HERA LEVEL 3 POLE -  $215/$185 (Early Bird)

You have perfected your climb, and now it's time to focus on your invert! Ensuring you feel comfortable, and roll up the pole(no kick starts ladies)! It's time to take your vertical moves...horizontal! Get comfortable with your body as your perfect your invert, and learn an additional 10 pole dance, and floor moves, embody transitions! By the end of this level, you will move majestically through your choreographed routine!

Upcoming Series

MAIA LEVEL 4 POLE - $215/$185 (Early Bird)

You have completed levels one through three, and continue to grow! You have mastered climbing and inverting, and now it’s time to combine it all! It’s showtime! Not only will you learn 10 bold and impressive pole, dance, and floor moves, you will also learn how to connect your movements and tap into your “sensual creativity.” It’s time to merge into the movement and “feel it.” Get ready to give your input on your handcrafted routine!


Upcoming Series



SIREN LEVEL 5 POLE - $215/$185 (Early Bird)

As a Sexy Siren, you are becoming physically and emotionally stronger. Feeling empowered you to take risks and let yourself shine as you learn 15 challenging pole, dance, and floor moves. Let the music move you, and enjoy the visual art you have become with your routine as a Siren.


Upcoming Series

2020 Dates Coming Soon...




GODDESS LEVEL 6 POLE - $215/$185 (Early Bird)

Welcome Goddesses, you are admired by all. Strive to achieve your best new pole and floor moves that blend together differently than all of the rest. Become an acrobatic aerialist with a new level of moves inspired by the BEST pole dancing has to offer!


Upcoming Series 





QUEEN LEVEL 7 POLE - $215/$185 (Early Bird)

Welcome Queens, you have worked hard through the past levels. You are The Best of the Best! Strive to achieve your best with new pole moves that will help to continue your journey. Show off your body as you climb, hang, and hold your body as only a queen can. As an extremely challenging test of strength put all your powers in your best routine ever! 


Upcoming Series




DIANA LEVEL 8 POLE - $215/$185 (Early Bird)

Congratulations you survived and completed your improv challenge in Queen Level 7! You have worked on increasing your endurance, and learned some amazing aerial tricks! However, the quest for more does not stop there! Just when you think you have learned all there is... in Diana Level 8 you will see there is so much more! Hanging by your pinky toe from the pole is not just a myth. 


Upcoming Series




ATHENA LEVEL 9 POLE - $215/$185 (Early Bird)

Take your pole experience to new heights. It's time to fly with us in this advanced level pole class where you will do tricks and spins at the top of the pole! If you thought Diana Level 8 was something this will definitely give you a new respect for the art of pole dancing!


Upcoming Series




XENA LEVEL 10 POLE - $235/$200(Early Bird)

Yes ladies there is a Level 10! "Ish just got real!" Hercules has NOTHING on you ladies! You have been poling for well over a year, and now it's time to RAMP it up! You have already proven you can lift and "toss" yourself around the pole! However, to achieve those more difficult pole tricks we will incorporate WEIGHT TRAINING with your very OWN personal trainer!  


Upcoming Series






"There Is No Place Like Chrome"  (LEVELS 1-4) - $150

If you have completed Pole Series Levels 1 thru 4, and feel the need for extra conditioning and a quick review before taking Siren Level 5, or in search of that "Sexy Pole Vixen" you once were, then this is the perfect 6 Weeks for you! Say "HELLO" to your inner Pole Diva as you ...tighten, tone, strengthen..get ready..set...POLE!

Includes 5 weeks of review, strengthening, conditioning, a NEW ROUTINE, and Pole Recital on the 6th week!


Upcoming Series 




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