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The  spinArella Teacher Training Program is developed to provide

comprehensive training courses for pole & dance fitness instructors. 

These training courses will provide instructors with knowledge of beginner to intermediate-level dance moves, to design classes for each student level. The training covers safety, anatomy, modifications, teaching technique, and class management in

Lap Vegas, Erotic Chair Play, FloEroticy, and Sexible Flexbile. 



Upon completion of the course and receiving a passing score, the instructor will receive a 

spinArella Instructor Certification. By the close of the course, you will have gained valuable and extensive knowledge and techniques to design various levels of classes according to students' needs. Instructors will be able to provide a safe and loving class room environment and lead various types of dance fitness classes with confidence and professionalism at spinArella  or in any other pole studio.



This 18 Hour Training Course Includes                           $350

Basic/Intermediate Program - Lap Vegas, Erotic Chair Play, FloEroticy, Sexible Flexible 


   Includes spotting techniques relevant to moves within the level


•   Includes a minimum 2 hours assistant teaching in Drop-In classes


•   Learn safe dancing practices, and how to teach safely and effectively, while using proper          body mechanics


•   Learn points of contact and proper alignment for each move


•   Learn common errors to watch for with each move


•   Learn how to advise your students on strength training and exercises relevant to

       beginner and intermediate levels


•   Learn to speak multiple "exotic dance & stretching languages" to best communicate with      your students


•   Learn which exercises are best for training at each level


•   Learn various teaching models to build your classes and how to set your courses to                 music 


•    Learn Core Moves & Breakdown relevant to those moves within the level


•   Learn how to build your weekly curriculum 


•   Learn routine breakdowns 


•   Learn Class Room/Time Management 


•   Learn CPR Techniques 


•   Learn injury prevention 


•   Learn spinArella signature Warm-Up and Cool-Down 



Interested in our popular training program? Come and spend a weekend with 

us at spinArella  or we can send one of our highly skilled trainers to you!


Email to get started! We look forward to hearing from you! 



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