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Drop-In Classes

Drop-In Classes are 55 minutes long. Each class is very unique and full of energy! Our spinArella Family is very encouraging, supportive, and patient! 


Our instructors are trained to give you thorough instructions to prevent frustration, or you feeling rushed. A majority of our Drop-In Classes are mixed levels (pole/dance virgins to our seasoned pole/dancers), unless otherwise noted. Our classes have limited space, therefore we do require Pre-Registration. If you are unsure of where to start or what to take, do not hesitate to contact us via Email ( or give us a call at 470-210-1691 we would love to assist you!


Cancellation Policy 

  • Non-Members (without signed contract) must notify spinArella within 24 hours prior to class starting or the class will be considered "used" and you will not be able to reschedule. 

  • Members (with signed contract) must notify spinArella within 12 hours prior to class starting by Email or phone to "early cancel". If cancellation is not received a $15 charge will be placed on the card on file, and members will not be allowed to continue using membership until all fees are cleared. 

Pole Dance Attire: Boy shorts, yoga shorts, shorts (any garment where the legs are exposed, you will need skin contact with the pole), tank tops, sports bras (any top that is breathable & easy to move around in), and heels (optional but strongly encouraged). Please DO NOT apply any lotions or oils 2 to 3 hours before class (a slippery pole is a dangerous pole). Knee pads are optional but strongly encouraged for those with sensitive knees or a knee injury. 


Beginner Pole Dance Classes


Pole 101The perfect introduction to pole dancing. Similar to the first week of a Level 1 pole dancing class, you will learn what a fun and fantastic work-out pole dancing are. Prepare to become addicted! No Pole Dance experience necessary.


Pole SeductionDiscover the art of seduction while experiencing an anaerobic exercise. Who knew candlelight, sensual music, and a pole could evoke such a sexy sweat! Learn a new pole routine every week while revisiting pole dance basics, and learn a new way to do some old things! No pole or dance experience necessary.


Hip-Hop Pole - It’s a pole class with Hip Hop flavor. A really fun, high energy, dance class. This class focuses on simple choreography, just like a hip-hop dance class would. You will learn a new routine every week and we use the pole as a prop! No dance or pole experience necessary.


Rock & Strip - Rock lovers ONLY!! This high energy class is for you if are looking for an alternative way to rock out and strip your way into those skinny jeans. Join us as we transform our lovely studio into a rock concert…with poles!


BallesequeWe are putting our sexy “spin” on a classical style of expressive dance, Ballet! This non-traditional ballet pole class is perfect for the most experienced ballerina, as well as anyone who’s ever wanted to learn ballet and loves lyrical dance. Enjoy learning traditional ballet moves, and placing it on our “vertical barre” as we pirouette, glissade, and more into a sexy, graceful, and fluid routine!


*Spinning Pretty - Learn how to execute beginner pole tricks on a spinning pole! Incorporate the moves you learn into a challenging, fun, and sexy routine! Tease and tone while you are burning calories, and getting in shape!


Pole PositionHow do you get into your steps, out of one move, or into another instead of looking robotic? This class focuses on transitioning from one piece of choreography, and pole trick to another…kind of like saying “go with the flow”☺

Muy Caliente - Roll those hips to a hotter you! This fiery Latin Pole Class is great for beginners and seasoned dancers! Make the pole your partner as you explore sexy Salsa moves and transitions! NO POLE OR DANCE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY


G.I. Jane - Get G.I. Jane fit and fight the holiday battle of the bulge with this one hour intense on, and off of the pole workout! LADIES BEWARE this class is for those serious about their workout and ready to train like a Navy Seal!!!

XXX-Rated - If you love VIXEN then you will ADORE this XXX-Rated Pole Drop-In Class! Every minute will be packed with upbeat, unscrupulous, unethical, impure choreography to today's hottest and most up to date songs! 
Each week is totally different from the last, so you will not want to miss this class! This class will focus on musicality and technique created a steamy SWEAT! No Pole or Dance experience needed! 

Intermediate Pole Classes


PoleFlo - Imagine performing a pole routine without ever leaving the floor! PoleFlo is a combination of Pole Seduction and FloEroticy! Each class focuses on strengthening your core, upper body, lower body, and increasing your flexibility! You will learn different floorwork tricks using the pole, combined with traditional and fresh floorwork moves off of the pole. Daredevils ONLY for this class! You must have at least 3 months' of pole experience.


Pollerina -This class prepares you for the incredible amount of strength, stability, and coordination it takes to invert safely, successfully, and with beautiful control. You will progressively learn variations of advanced spins, inversions from the floor & inversions from a climb. Through choreographed pole dance routines that blend all of your pole tricks & dance skills with inversions & creative style, you will be able to gain the necessary skills to become a true spinArella pro! You MUST have at least 4 months of pole experience (inverting is a must).


Pole Burn- Cardio, pole, and strength combine to give you an invigorating workout that will keep you coming back for more! With a new format every week, your body will be in the finest form yet! Bring your runners...this class is not for the delicate! You must have at least 3 months of Pole Dance/Trick experience.


Advanced Pole Classes


Polenastics - This class will assist with physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance, and grace. You must have at least 6 months of pole dance/trick experience. This pole trick base class is sure to make you a “youtube” polestar! You must be able to invert and have prior Pole Dance/Trick experience.


PAA (Pole Addicts Anonymous) - Can’t get enough? Come and Pole with women just like you! *Stripper names only* Bring the advanced tricks you need extra help with or and let one of the “spinArella Pros” assist you. No need to get frustrated; that’s what we are here for! You must be able to invert and have at least 6 months of Pole Dance/Trick experience.


Non-Pole Dance Attire: Yoga Shorts, Yoga Pants, Boy Shorts, Shorts, Fishnets, Tank Tops, Corsets, Heels (Optional but strongly encouraged), the sexier the better. Knee pads are optional but strongly encouraged for those with sensitive knees or a knee injury. 


Non-Pole Classes


Jiggle Reduce, shape, and lift your butt so it looks good from every angle! You never know what to expect from this class, except a crazy cardio workout that your muscles will never forget! Allow the “tush technician” to help you “drop it like it’s hot” to a hotter body! All fitness levels welcome.


Stripperella - Become a goddess through strong, sexy choreography that will help you subdue the object of your affection and enslave their hearts. Take plenty of prisoners by unleashing your inner confidence and letting out that sexy goddess who kicks ass and takes names with steamy routines as her weapon. The world needs more powerful women: what are you waiting for?

Your Mission: Rid the world of boring, passion-free nights and increase sex appeal one routine at a time No dance experience necessary. ** Check the Class Calendar to see what you need to bring to class**


VIXEN - Feel the burn as you work your legs, abs, and increase your endurance in this steamy music video inspired dance class. Learn a sexy routine incorporating ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and modern dance as you strip away your inhibitions and let yourself go! You need absolutely NO dance experience for this class...


Sexible Flexible - Are you looking to ease right into those sexy pole POSITIONS? This 60-minute Sexible Flexible class focuses on intense stretching while regulating the flow of energy in the body. This class will help you improve your mobility making it easier to get into those more challenging pole/dance moves.  Learn how to control your breathing rhythm as you get deeper into those stretches, ladies. You will definitely see results at home... All fitness levels welcome.


FloEroticy - Learn how to turn up the heat during those cold mornings, and nights with this red-hot floor work class. Workout your butt, gut,  upper body, and more with our sexy routines! Heels are a MUST as you give your partner the “shoe show” of a lifetime. Join as we teach risqué floor work moves. Leaving you with a different routine every week that is sure to get you a STANDING OVATION!


BARRE X - Get the long, lean, dancer-like physique you have always wanted!
This intense 60-minute workout (with an exotic twist)!includes 10-15 minutes of light weights (upper body), 20-30 minutes of barre exercises (mostly lower body), and 10 minutes of floor work (core), stretching/cool down.
This fun dance-inspired workout is guaranteed to provide stellar results when paired with a healthy diet. Meet us at the Barre so we can *cheers* to your stronger, sleeker, streamline body!


  • Yoga Pants or Boy Shorts

  • Tank or T-Shirts

  • Bare Feet or Grippie Socks



  • Yoga Mat

  • Light Hand Weights

  • Bottled Water

  • Aleve for the after-burn!!! 


CAGE CLIMBING AGAINST GRAVITY EXOTICALLY – There is no description for this class but…” We dare you…” All fitness levels welcome.


Sultry Sweat - Come experience a completely new fusion of dance styles! Do you enjoy the sensuality of Samba? The wild playful influence of African Dance? Whether you know any or not, this class will introduce you to a new way of combining all styles into an incredibly intense fun cardio workout to great music. You will literally dance, sweat, and stretch your body into shape and have lots of fun doing it. All fitness levels welcome.


Shape n’Pump  – Whether you want tank top arms or strengthening for that crazy pole trick you have your eye on, this is the class for you! Challenge and workout all of your major muscle groups with a girly touch! All fitness levels welcome.


Lap Vegas - Screw the gym this week, this is the hottest new way to stay in shape! Wear out those abs, legs, and glutes while learning a steamy cardio lap dance. Ladies, you’ll have so much fun you won't even know you’re getting a workout. Love experts agree that the sure-fire way to find and keep the love of your life is through sexy confidence. There’s no law against being a little dirty. Besides, who doesn't love giving/receiving a lap dance? You can take this workout home. You and your partner are guaranteed to have a fantastic time. You'll both have a hot sexy workout without even realizing it… All fitness levels welcome.


Kick-Ass Abs/Flexibility – Flatten, and tone your “yummy tummy” with an enticing ab/back workout for the first 30 minutes, moving directly into flexibility training for the last 30 minutes. Flexibility is a key pillar of overall well-being, health, body alignment, and symmetry – and consistent training of these proven techniques will bring your flexibility to new heights. *some classes may end with a few key movements on the pole you can practice in progression* All fitness levels welcome.


*Stretch-A-TationAfter a fun, or stressful week/end this class is a great way to jump-start your day, and get you ready to 'Woosa' before you head back to work! Free your mind, as you exhale all of the negative energy, and inhale all of the positive energy while straightening, and extending your body to its full length. Accompanied by soft & relaxing music, allow yourself to think deeply, and plan mentally for an amazing week! #stretchandmeditation #stretchbeforebrunch

*Trap Abs & Ratchet Ass - If you are looking for a class to tighten, tone, and lift your ass, as well as kick your abs, and snatch your waist while having fun, you have found it! Trap Abs & Ratchet Ass focuses on strengthening your core, glutes, quads, hamstrings, calves, and even upper body while working out to the most ratchet trap music on the charts! 
This class is guaranteed to have you looking feeling good & looking like a snack! 


*New Class 


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