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Virtual Classes

Because we LOVE you...we have made the d

Once upon a time here in Atlanta (back in 2011), the city was covered in snow, and we were stuck in our homes. Boredom struck, calories stuck, and all 4 walls were closing in fast! 

However, no fear...spinArella was there to kill the boredom, and help burn those calories with Virtual Classes!

The Virtual Classes became so popular we continued to offer them on Sunday's at 9a and #twerkbeforechurch became known all over! 

Out of an abundance of caution and respect for our teachers, staff, and you, we decided to temporarily close the studio to in person classes. Which gave us a reason to begin to offer Virtual Classes again!!! 

Once again you can take your favorite sensual, calorie burning classes online, in the privacy of your own home, office, hotel room etc! 


Virtual Classes are $15 per class or take advantage of Unlimited Virtual Classes $50 for 2 Weeks + an additional Week FREE! That's 3 Weeks of  Unlimited Virtual Classes!

Check out our Class Calendar to see when Virtual Classes are offered!  

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